Poppy Singer offers a comprehensive service for the conservation of textiles.

I have a wealth of experience in the treatment of textiles of all types:
– ancient and modern
– two or three dimensional
– European or Oriental
– painted or embroidered


The Munition Girl

Bromley Museum

The embroidery was adhered to card and was extremely brittle. It was removed from the card, softening the glue with gradual humidfication. Once free from the backing it was supported using an adhesive technique and remounted onto a covered acid-free board for display. The photograph was removed and treated separately.


18th Century silk Embroidery

Cater Musuem

This had been repaired in the past and glued onto a thick linen lining. The linen lining was gradually removed with humidification and the fragile satin ground fabric supported onto slk crepeline using a solvent reactivated adhesive treatment. It was mounted for display.


Sampler by Phoebe Browning Aged 11, 1843

Private Owner

The sampler is worked in cross stitch on a plain weave, wool ground.  It was removed from the frame,and was wet-cleaned after testing the fastness of dyes. It was mounted onto a sympathetically covered, acid-free board and returned to the original frame.