Poppy Singer offers a comprehensive service for the conservation of textiles.

I have a wealth of experience in the treatment of textiles of all types:
– ancient and modern
– two or three dimensional
– European or Oriental
– painted or embroidered

Flags and banners

The Glorious 1st June Flag

The National Maritime Museum

The huge flag was washed on a purpose built floor and given a full support onto dyed conservation net and all insect damaged areas secured with laid couching stitching. For further protection, the top face of the flag was given a pieced covering, using net, dyed to match each area.


The Amherst Flag

The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire Museum, York

The banner was extremely fragmented and after cleaning was given a full adhesive support using a solvent reactivation technique. It was mounted on a rigid, fabric covered, acid-free board in preparation for framing.


The Parry Flag, 1826

Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge

The flag was wet cleaned using Cyclododecane to prevent bleeding of the inscription. It was then fully supported by stitching between two layers of dyed conservation net.


Civil war colour

National Army Museum, London

This rare civil war colour was fully conserved using an adhesive technique. A backing was created and attached behind the colour to visually in-fill losses in the original.